Muse - I'm loving it

oh I love it when I heard a muse song for the first time, back then when I was 17teen(probably) I don't know what to expect and its just so great! The first time I heard the groove...sing for absolution, falling away with you, endlessly, blackout comes from the first album that I bought - Absolution. I then let a few close friends listen to it and they felt the same way I did. (: MUSE already released three album Showbiz(1999), Origin of Symmetry(2001), Hullabaloo(2002) before I noticed this band later..
BLISS by muse - music that inspired me through to use that name until now..it can be described as 'perfect happiness' or 'perfect joy'..
even I know that my life isn't that 'perfect' right away..
but I do enjoy being myself ! (:

Intro - MUSE ?
Formed in 1996 in a sea-side Devonshire town, they have risen to become one of Britain's biggest and most respected Rock bands. Members are :
Matthew Bellamy (guitar, piano, vocals and writing)
Chris Wolstenholme (bass, backing vocals)
Dominic Howard (drums)
I adore Matt Bellamy so much you know! Every single instruments that he play would turn me on..! Hm..But still fresh in my memory that I missed to watch them perform live at Stadium Negara,KL last year..for a reasonable reason.. sob3..

me & myself (:

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