busy bees

As expected, dis whole week I've been busy around wif convocation things. there's so much thing happened to think back then..also I've just started to find a permanent job & I'm try not to be so choosy. So sad that dec intake for UiTM SA do not offered the course that I wanna to take dis time..damn it. :p
I've juz attended the first interview for a technician job ever in my life. I think it's not too bad for my 1st time ever (:
but I got to attend the another one for a conformation..
also I hope there's another electrical job that are waiting for me..bcoz I'm not intended to work at a place that are too far away from my home sweet home. dis 20th August would be my happy day -> 41st UTM Convocation Ceremony.

p/s: dat pitcha was taken when I was in communication laboratory, playing with dipole antenna (:

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