Seven Questions for U

1. Can you fall in love more than once in your lifetime?

Yes I think so though I don't think it will ever be the same or otherwise she wouldn't love me... If it would be boring? I think it can start out appearing not to be possible - but it's just always reached in a different way so you cant recognize it.

2. Can you experience true love more than once?

Hopefully, it lasts your whole life, but if not... then I think yes, but there are so many shades of love.

3. Can you fall in love with someone who isn't in love with you?

Definitely. Look around at the walking wounded. ):

4. Is there only one person who is 'meant to be'?

No, but I believe there are people in your life whom you fit with in unexplainable ways that make them "right". But, this is not limited to one person.

Ultimately though the one whom is "meant to be" is the one you end up choosing to be the one....you stop looking for others, so in your mind/heart, they probably become the one meant to be.

Of course, they kinda need to feel the same way!

5. Are you ever too young or too old to be in love?

Never to old or too young, thanks goodness!

6. Does true love really last forever?

For me it will last forever. Cherish it but don't let it eat you alive..

7. What defines "falling in love"?

When you don't quite remember where you end and the other person begins anymore. Also when I'm in love with a girl, I basically stop looking at other women - they are of no interest to me; but friend (girl) will always be my friend. I still the same one. (:

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