she fly higher..

This morning is the day for my cute youngest sister, FatimatusZahra' to fly away to Edmonton,Alberta which is located in Canada. She go over there to seek her further studies in Engineering field (degree) at University Alberta. As a brother who'd the only youngest sister, for sure I'll get worry, plus she's only 19..

2,3 months before she's boarding, I'm keen to be a very good brother for her; try to give whatever she needs, whatever she wants, helped her in everything that I could possibly do..

And at airport today, I couldn't bear to cry, seeing her got away from the boarding level.. Before that I kissed her chick n forehead and I couldn't say a thing.. coz I know..I'll get crying sooner or later..sob sob. Hopefully she can adapt her new life over there soon and take a very good care... Your bro will always missing & praying for the best (:

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