busy busy.

Minggu lepas aku pergi ambil kursus laman web kat Temerloh, Pahang & Minggu ni lak aku dengan rasminya menjadi student UNITEN (University Tenaga Nasional); student Bachelor of Electrical & Electronic (EE). Di sebabkan terlalu bz, aku nak update picture2 lain hari la.. penat. chalow bete. (:

I wish I could..

I wish I could answer you right now
there's certain questions that exists but cannot be answered
there's so much pain that I must carry over my shoulder
also the wounds that has a long journey to be recovered
however I'm still standing because I am a man
a man that couldn't let you slipped into my situation
This time I mean it
I do need you as my friend
and of course we will meet each other someday
but I can't promise you what would it gonna be..?
and If you can't take it no more, I got no reason to stop you..
If you go away, maybe I'll regret for it or later..
when it comes about feeling, I knew I'd lost it somewhere
hopefully there's a right time for me to find it back..


at last..

lame da aku ngidam jam ni (: