i'm still here (:

new name, but still an old face blog..
i just recovered from a 'fractured' rib
got it from a last futsal tournament
maybe it's not 'fractured' but it's really hurt
i had to face 2 kind of pills
they're all tasty. (: (yucks..haha)

uniten's internet line sure is suck
even though the server randomly going down
but it doesn't mean anything when i can't download some file
dat are all important for me
sometimes i do got problem to upload things
ym also so slow just like an injured old hag turtle
what else? there's also have an unknown error when using javascript
it's not about be grateful for what they have provided
but i paid. we paid. all students paid.
please think out of the box.

being me isn't easy
there's a time
i feel like i've been using for something
people need me when they're in trouble
but they don't wanna know
that i'm also in terrible situation
perhaps in same situation as they're?
i know, i'm a good listener ;p
still, no one perfect.
i do need a listener too.

that's life is all about
i keep open for something that are good for me
but i wish i have to take the good with the bad
i don't wanna say sumtime life is unfair
our merciful god got his own reason y this & that happened.
and my life, i still enjoy to fulfill it (:

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