it's good to be back

yup. it's good to be back (:

but it's already 2 days i've been in Johor.
since the 1st day i want to surf an internet but somehow
i have to wait for my sister because she is the one who hold
the modem. erk.

last night i enjoyed playing futsal with my former work's team.
then we played pes09 league together at my former boss house
and for the 1st time, i fell asleep at his house..zzz
too tired i think.

and this morning, i watering the plants around the house (:
it took around 40 minutes to be done..adoyai.
but it's ok. i do love green & planting.

i don't think this is an abnormal hobby to do, aite?
but from the outside & my attitude,
my friends might not think this can be my part-time hobby..
hahaha. what so ever lah, ejangs.

for 3 months until July, i'll be in honeymoon mode,
while books (especially advanced calculus's book) would be kept in safe.

ah..it feel so good when no need to take a look again for that thing.

but it's no good either to do nothing.
i'll keep searching for a job, next week maybe.
i can't stand to be in this empty room
watch myself dying thinking about the past.

oh it's already time.

i'd like to get some food into belly of mine 1st b4 go to the mosque today (:


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